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Wabash Valley College Baseball

The Wabash Valley College Baseball Team is regularly ranked #1 overall in the NJCAA and is seeking to improve its facilities to align with the skill and talent of this leading national program.

What We Need:

With over 50 athletes, a large amount of equipment and multiple uniforms, our players need a space they can comfortably use to store their belongings, change clothes, and prepare. On average, a baseball player in our program totes around two bats, two gloves, two pairs of shoes, and multiple gear and equipment accessories related to the game. On top of equipment, they have multiple uniform combinations for both practice and games that are required. We are raising money to construct a clubhouse at Fournier Field for our team.


The most cost effective way to achieve this is to construct a metal building big enough to house 45 open-faced team lockers. This requires a concrete foundation, carpet flooring, insulation, lighting and electricity. Our plan is to line the perimeter of the building with the lockers while creating a common area for seating in the middle.

For More Info

Contact Head Coach Rob Fournier
Phone: (812) 215-0063 // Email: fournierr@iecc.edu

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Key Costs

In order to do our due diligence, we contacted the local builder Graber Post to better understand key costs. The key costs based on their proposal, along with a proposal for the athletic team lockers from a separate vendor are as follows:  
  • Building Costs including Labor/Concrete Foundation: ~$40,000
  • Team Lockers (Qty: 45 / Size: 24″ x 18″ x 72″) = $10,000
  • Fit and Finish = TBD based on needs

Estimated Project Total: $50,000

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